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Summer Camps

We are offering 2 opportunities for your child to have an immersive mindful movement experience this summer

Blair Road UMC Mint Hill
July 8-11
9 am-12 pm

Pritchard at South End
August 5-8
9 am-12 pm


Twist Kids Foundation's summer camp program will introduce your child to the practice of mindfulness to children from ages 6 – 10 through yoga, play and creativity. Over the course of 4 days, children who attend this summer camp will learn how to use intentional movement to gain awareness in their bodies, manage stress through breathing, and use their imagination to create and play! 


This summer camp will incorporate kids’ mindful movement activities, exposure to a variety of creative expression such as improv games, crafts, and more!


In our world that is so fast paced and technology driven, we will be offering an environment that will allow kids to connect to their minds, bodies, and other kids in community.



What to bring:

-Yoga mat or towel

-Comfortable clothing

-Water bottle


-Playful spirit


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