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We are so grateful!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

With one month left in 2021, it feels like time to reflect on all that we have done this year. This year marked the creation of Twist Kids Foundation and our first steps into the world as a brand new non-profit.

The idea of a non-profit had been in my mind for many years, however it takes a village to do this work. Marybeth Bender, (VP and Director of Social Media) and I have partnered together over many years in developing Twist Kids Yoga, a program that offers classes and trainings on how to bring mindfulness and yoga to children. Together we decided that 2021 was the year to bring Twist Kids Foundation into fruition and reach those children that we could not on our own.

It is through our years training children's mindfulness and yoga instructors, that we met some of our board members - like-minded women who have the passion to bring this work out into the world - ML Stewart (Communications/Program Development) , Leah Daly (Secretary), and Crista Bateman (Fundraising).

As we grow, so does our board. I recently reached out to Radha Shah (Treasurer), and asked her to join our team of dedicated volunteers steering the direction of the foundation. Her background and passion for what we do is a perfect fit.

Each of our board members has done amazing work behind the scenes to allow us to be where we are today, which is more than I could have hoped for in less than a year. Words do not describe my gratitude for each one of them and the time that they have given to our cause.

Thank you to our amazing instructors and supporters. You are what makes us able to spread this work out into the world. We are in several locations already this year, despite COVID restrictions, and plan for many more in 2022.

If you are interested in becoming involved please email:

With Gratitude,


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